November 24, 2023

Chloe wants me to appear on the humerous baking show called Nailed It! Click here to watch Nailed It! on Netflix.

So we made a baking video of us baking. I thought we were supposed to send in a 10-minute video, but actually when I found the correct instructions it turns out the video is only supposed to be ONE MINUTE. Oops, we’ll need to re-make it.

So here’s the original video. Perhaps I will get around making this shorter, after all it’s merely an hour long… but it is full of humorous commentary. Click this link to watch:

Did you know that I’m a cake consultant for NASA? Now you do!

Our terrible Hedgehog cake: google that for more horribleness. Turns out it’s a “thing”.

While you weren’t looking, we went to the Holiday Expo:




It lives on air!

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