Let’s take a look at a short collection of the artistic work Chloe’s created.
Drawings, paintings, crafted objects and animation.

Strawberry done in watercolors.

This is a new (unfinished) drawing. New as of July 2024.

Owl portrait.

Comic panels. Dad created the first panel, Chloe filled in the rest.

Another comic jam. Dad drew the ducks, Chloe filled in the rest.

Felted objects Chloe created for the school’s holiday market.

This started out as a project to build a model bridge from popsicle sticks
and somehow ended up as a giant fish with legs.

Short animation.

Short animation.

This is a longer animation from about two years ago.

Chloe has an extensive collection of short animations she’s created which can be found here:


We hope you’ve enjoyed your brief tour!