Second Easter

April 27, 2020

Happy Second Easter! Chloe had so much fun with calendar-correct Easter that we decided to do a second one. This may turn into a regular holiday tradition. Here’s a photo of her from traditional Easter: Egg dyeing time! Here’s all the eggs decorated. Easter Basket! Here we are on our egg hunt.

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At The Park

April 7, 2020

…and frequent visitors will remember this climbing structure at Westmoreland Park. It seems to be getting smaller over time… Open your eyes, silly pants! …and here we on the loop trail around the wetlands in Forest Grove, a short bike ride from Chloe’s place. There’s a home that’s got a big fenced yard with various […]

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Pokemón and Minecraft

April 7, 2020

Chloe loves carrying around her Minecraft “Creeper”. A “Creeper” is a critter in MineCraft that blows up when it gets close and tries to hurt you. Yet it makes a cuddly stuffy. Here’s the Creeper hiding in the bushes. Here’s Chloe and Lisa and the Pokemón card collection that Chloe is very proud of. Did […]

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