Crab Monsters, The Beach and The Aquarium

April 19, 2021

And so, Chloe had a day off from school so we headed back to Newport to visit the aquarium and search for Crab Monsters! But first we had to draw a bunny. The search for crabs begins… How do they do the bare feet thing? Back at the motel, the Crab Monsters begin to take […]

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Easter 2021!

April 4, 2021

Happy Easter! Shall we follow Chloe as she hunts for Easter eggs at Dad’s place? And here we go. Chloe got a “screaming goat” toy in an easter basket and now she just wants to watch her screaming goat video over and over. You have been warned. Hello cookie decorated as a screaming goat.Happy Easter […]

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Pre-Easter, 2021

April 4, 2021

Chloe has been very excited about Easter. Here she describes how she handled a Peep Dilemma. Chloe has also been struggling with a loose baby tooth that is almost, but not quite, ready to come out! Finally it’s time to dye eggs! In this case, Lisa and I have been joshing her about dying Easter […]

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