Crab Monsters, The Beach and The Aquarium

April 19, 2021

And so, Chloe had a day off from school so we headed back to Newport to visit the aquarium and search for Crab Monsters!

But first we had to draw a bunny.

The search for crabs begins…

How do they do the bare feet thing?

Back at the motel, the Crab Monsters begin to take shape.
First we rinse off the sand.

Now the hot glue gun comes out.

The Crab Monsters are coming together nicely.

But next, breakfast!

Pigs, Pancakes & Tourists.

But before we get back to important Crab Monster work, a stop at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Holy cow, the starfish are giants!

Don’t let the Alaskan King Crab sneak up behind you in a dark tank.

When sharks fly.

Time to snack on Chloe’s head before we go back to the beach!

One last look at the Crab Monsters.
They followed us home where we can expect they will continue to grow and mutate!

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