Goodwill Hunting

January 27, 2019

Hey sports fans! Chloe and I went on the annual Goodwill Hunting assault on SW Portland’s thrift shops. And we did mighty good.

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Chloe Builds a Computer

January 9, 2019

Ok, so this holiday season I ran across this:¬† It’s a kit where your Minecraft-obsessed children get to assemble their own computer, then are launched into a series of Minecraft-driven interactives to introduce them (sneakily) to STEM learning concepts by wiring up components and doing some basic programming.¬† I helped her a bit to assemble […]

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Christmas 2018

January 5, 2019

Christmas day, Mom’s place Unicorn Hoodie! Rainbow pencil holder! Enter the Ender Dragon! And a little bit of New Year

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