Welcome to the Ape Caves

September 27, 2022

On the side of Mt. Saint Helens, you know, the volcano you may remember from 1980? It’s right up the street, more or less, from Portland. Volcanoes throw out lava, which makes lava tubes, which result in fun caves to explore. Chloe’s 6th grade class just had an overnight camping trip to explore this very […]

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First Day of School! 6th Grade, 2022

September 13, 2022

Here she is! Off to the first day of 6th Grade! Here Chloe made dinner for us. That’s German Schnitzel, in this case chicken breasts pounded flat and breaded with gravy. Plus steamed broccoli.

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Camping at the Beach

September 12, 2022

At the very tail end of summer vacation, we managed to squeeze a quick camping trip out to the KOA outside of Astoria, right across the road from Ft. Stevens State Park. So many things didn’t go as planned, we lived a comedy of errors. Here we are trying to put up my big tent: […]

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