First Day of 7th Grade (and more)

October 1, 2023

First day of 7th Grade! (how did she get that tall?)

What’s this? More bunnies?
Since she was leaving the eating program, Chloe crochet’d 15 bunnies to give to her fellow students.

Chloe and Dad go for a walk…

Dinner! Chicken casserole with cheese biscuits on top.

Today: Pizza Schmizza for lunch!


And a whole bunch of doodling. Dad drew Captain Toast & Butter Boy and The Criminal Flip Flop Brothers. Here we see several renditions of Chloe’s Banana Man stuffy, as seen below in real life.

Spotted on the campus of Pacific University (right there in Forest Grove).

…a closeup…

Placed 1949. I find it interesting to observe how fashions in establishing monuments changes over time.

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