Lamb Shoulder Chops

March 29, 2023

So our latest adventure started with a STEM kit from the Multnomah County Libraries. We used the kit and instructions to turn a lemon into a battery that can light up an LED! How cool is that?

It’s good to have a couple clues about how electricity works. Turning a lemon into a battery is not terribly practical, but is fun to do as an experiment. So, what’s next?

Chloe wanted to make baked potatoes, so I paired that with lamb shoulder chops and the process of cooking was so simple I didn’t get any photos of it, but…

As you can see, we dug into some fine eats, even though we made some mistakes aka “learning opportunities” along the way.

What happens when you eat your lamb with your fingers?

I had the stove turned up too high at first, which created a lot of smoke we had to vent with open windows, so the kid got cold!

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