A Weekend With Chloe

August 14, 2022

I recently got to spend two full days with Chloe. Let’s check out some photos, shall we? Here’s Chloe making dinner for us:

This bit of craziness is a draft of the artwork Chloe provided for the flag her group at camp made. Pretty funny, eh?

What the heck, is this? It’s a little helicopter drone that takes off without you… if you’re good at it, you can get it to hover over your hands, but only if you’re good at it. We mostly chased it as it flew off.

Then we drove up the Historic Columbia River Highway for some short hikes to some of the waterfalls.


We broke out the binoculars at the Vista House.

Here I ask Chloe to show me how bored she is with sitting in the car.

And we finish up with ice cream! What a fun trip!

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