Chloe Art

May 24, 2022

Catching up with a sample of the art Chloe’s been working on the last few months…

We are working on some neat “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) kits provided from the library. This one is a light-up bug that uses a battery and an LED as a learning experience about electricity.

…and I’ve taught Chloe how to play Punce! She’s pretty good. Better watch your back Cousin Robin….

So, when we go out for tacos I pull out Chloe’s sketchbook and she gets to work. On the right is her rendition of one of the wall hangings at Tacos La Estrella. On the right is… a stuffy she carried along (yeah, it’s hard to see that one).

During a recent sleepover Chloe and friend played “Angels and Devils” which is a cooperative drawing and story game. I forget the whole story, but it started with a pig with terrible allergies, which the chickens insulted him over, but the bear came along and told him it would be all OK.

During the same sleepover Chloe and friend created this Grumpy Cat out of popsicle sticks.

But here is the popsicle stick masterpiece… Yes, it’s a huge fish with legs presented with Chloe Funny Face. This started out with the library STEM kit, was intended to be a model of a bridge. Took a different turn.

Yep, this is Shady Cat, really enjoying that bunny hat.

Here’s another sample of Chloe’s work in her sketchbook.

In honor of Cousin Keiran’s graduation from High School, Chloe drew a llama playing guitar in his card!

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