Bunnies, and More!

February 2, 2021

Happy 2021! Well, do we have something special for you! First things first, Chloe takes us on a tour of the new features of the park down the road from her. Not too long ago a huge redwood tree was taken down nearby and they used it to renovate the park. Take a look!

…and I know what you really care about is the bunnies! They are hard to photo as they don’t prefer to sit still. Here is Theo, a fluffy dwarf bunny.

Theo is very cute, but won’t let anyone hold him yet.
Believe it or not, but he’s litter trained!

Here we have “Untitled Bunny”. He’s headed to Chloe’s school to be a class pet for her grade. The kids will choose his name. He’ll be joining a turtle named “Dudley”. He’s very calm and enjoys being pet.

Here’s Chloe showing off some of her current artwork.

That’s not a crab, that’s a Crab Lobster!

Here’s a knitted Crab Lobster Chloe made.

Last but not least, here the feared Chicken Dragon!

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