Trick or Treat, 2020 COVID Edition

November 1, 2020

How does one Trick or Treat in the era of COVID? We were worried that this year was going to be a bust, but Forest Grove pulled it off with style!

press play below for some spooky music (in Spanish)

Traditionally, the merchants of downtown Forest Grove open their doors to little ghouls and goblins but this year that’s a little problematic. So they pulled together and came up with a solution. They closed down main street, set out a one-way path lined with stations and metered parties of kids through. Nicely done, Forest Grove! Take a peek of Chloe and River exploring.

Chloe and River
Dragon and Dad
T-Rex and Dragon
Evil Clown Gateway

…and here we go!
( click to play )

Then a break for a late lunch at Taqueria La Estrella

… then a quick bike ride around to scout the neighborhood. Here’s an example of how people have prepped for trick or treaters in the era of COVID 19. If you look close, you can see they’ve made treat bags, and clipped them to stakes in the front yard. Easy for the socially-distanced treating!

When sun set, we set out.

Sometimes a Dragon doesn’t fit so well in the doorway.

And presenting… the scariest haunt of the night!

Chloe’s dragon costume really brought a lot of cheer to people that night. It was really something to watch some of the older members of our community light up when she came to the door. I’m glad we went.

In case you were wondering, this is what a deflated dragon looks like:

Meanwhile, Chloe’s cat Shady loves Dad’s shoes.

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