Welcome to June 2020

June 18, 2020

It’s been an eventful month. Here’s an example of the damage one can do with a Cargo Bike:

And well, I think it would be the rare viewer of this blog who didn’t agree that non-whites shouldn’t be treated any worse than the rest of us schmoes, and perhaps the whole concept of how we do the po-lice thing should be re-thought. Here’s an example of the local graffiti about the issue:

Serious stuff over, and done with… now here we are putting together a gingerbread “tiny house” and having fun…

Sure, using our fingers to spread the red icing on the roof will work just fine! Let’s do it!


More sprinkles!

Ok, Bozo was asking for it.

Let’s paint for a bit an let the cops get lost in the hedges….

Sure, no clowns were killed in this sink.

In one hand pizza, in the other hand Unicorn Goo. Let’s not get them confused!

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