Nerd Dad Sleepover!

March 26, 2019

Well, Soren Petersen and I took care of our three daughters overnight and no one died, went hungry or had to go to the ER — VICTORY!

Here’s Chloe showing off her budding sculpture skills. She’s really getting quite good.

We also went Pokémon hunting. Here’s Chloe with one of her imaginary critters.


Unorthodox. Economic. Revenge! Hhsssssssss!

We were treated to the most elephant action than I’ve seen since I was in Thailand, quite some years ago.

Saskia is incredibly bored, but being a good soldier about it. Or just maybe keeping her yap shut as she’s whip smart and knows we don’t get out of the Zoo before we get out of it.

How do Flamingoes sleep that way? How many invisible Pokémon surround us? AAaiiieeeee!!!

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