Keeping Up With Chloe

September 23, 2018

Since I moved up to WA I simply wasn’t *in* Oregon very often this summer, just a few days a month on average.  Thus, fewer days with Chloe and fewer photos.  Here I’ll try to catch up since her birthday back in June.

Chowing down at the new Fro-Yo place!

Holding a baby duck at the Forest Grove Farmer’s Market

Here we are at the Swallowtail School Farm for the big ice cream social before school started.

Good photo of Mother and Daughter

Meanwhile, back at the pool…

We’ve got a long way to go with the “learning to swim” thing, but she’s taught herself the doggie paddle, so I guess we’re on our way!

Here’s Daddy, wondering how he suddenly was nearly 50.

Ice cream issues!  You may notice her eye looks funny – that’s because she’s been fighting a weird eye infection all summer.
Yes, it is getting better and finally going away, slowly.


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