November 7, 2015

Here’s Chloe helping me deal with a coolant issue with the Subaru. A couple days later I’m helping her pile into the back and she points to the broken passenger cupholders in the back (because who cares about your back seat passenger cupholders when your only back-seat passenger is 5 yrs old) and says, “Daddy, you need to fix this.” And I say, “Yes, another thing to fix.” and she comes back with, “Daddy! Everything you have is broken!” … Well, not exactly true, but it is very true that most of the objects in my life that I rely on have a to-do list of um, things to modify for improved function…

helper - 1

Pretzels! We made these and Chloe did me the honor of giving me a hug and said, “You’re the best Dad in the world!”

helper - 2

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