Day One

June 28, 2010

Good morning, it’s Day One here.  Yesterday was quite an experience.  Once labor started happening she arrived quite quick, in just 20 minutes!  The whole experience was remarkably calm compared to what I was expecting.

We’re still working on her name, we’re getting closer.  She arrived at 9:49 am.  Six pounds, four ounces.  19.5 inches.

Everyone’s healthy and happy, though there were two issues we had to get through.  Baby had low blood sugar and as a result the doctors had to keep pricking her foot to check on that (ouch!) and also gave her some formula in addition to the breast feeding.  Lisa had some pretty alarming hemorrhaging and lost a liter of blood.  She’s fine now. However, she was pretty knocked out and needed rest.  We’re expecting to spend one more night in the hospital to rest and recover.

Lisa says she’s up for some visitors.  If you’d like to come by give us a call and we’ll give you the details.

The little girl sure is adorable!

Here’s a link to Randy and Jeane’s photos from yesterday. Click here to view in a new window.

Keep watching this spot for additional news, details, rumors, etc.

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